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Схема проезда ООО "Кипо Системз" г. Санкт-Петербург 

Order Payment and delivery

HOW TO ORDER online store "Kipo Systems" HOW TO ORDER

You can order products in any way convenient for you:

Order online Kipo Systems Online. Simply select your favorite items in the catalog, put it in a virtual shopping cart and making a purchase.
By telephone +7(812) 380-40-60 of "Kipo Systems" By telephone +7(812) 380-40-60 - We are pleased to advise you on matters related to the technical characteristics and consumer properties of the goods, and take your order.
By email By email - the letter must specify the name (code) of your selected products and their quantity, as well as information about yourself - name, phone.
198411 Russian, city of St. Petersburg, Lomonosov city, Mira Street, Building 1. We have. Come join us at the address: St. Petersburg, Lomonosov Str. Peace, 1. Where you can not only consult, but also choose from the submitted samples.


How to pay in Kipo Systems HOW TO PAY

We only work with non-cash.

You can pay for your order in the following ways:

Transfer of funds to the account Kipo Systems If you are a legal person:
- Transfer of funds from your bank account to our account at our bank.
Bank transfer for individuals If you are an individual:
- In any branch of the bank
- Transfer from the bank card.
- Through the Internet the money to our account.

You are kindly requested to pay attention to the information specified in the payment documents.

How to get the goods in the company Kipo Systems HOW TO GET PRODUCT

For registration Delivery leave the shipping address and contact details of the recipient when ordering, or contact the manager by phone +7 (812) 380-40-60

198411 Russian, city of St. Petersburg, Lomonosov city, Mira Street, Building 1. Free, Pickup at warehouse at Russian, city of St. Petersburg,
Lomonosov city, Mira Street, Building 1.
Delivery under the order from Kipo Systems With delivery: 

1. St. Petersburg within the ring road up to 100 kg and dimensions of less than 1 m - 500 rubles
2. St. Petersburg within the ring road up to 300 kg and dimensions of at least 3m - 2500 rubles

3. In the regions - to the terminal of your chosen moving company - 500 rubles
4. With dimensions of 3 meters and more than 300 kg. Tariff of transport companies

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