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Fences made of stainless steel - is the main products of the company "Kipo Systems". Catching up on sale and production of components and accessories for fences (including stair (railings, handrails)), the company's specialists were able to develop unique features elements of stainless steel. These features help you easily gather fences even on non-standard facilities. Its production has allowed to expand the range of components and accessories for fences and produce bumpers for trucks and commercial complexes, handrails, railings and products for people with disabilities. In addition, the company is engaged in manufacture of turnstiles, barriers for globe. The advantage of the manufacture has enabled us to reduce the cost for parts and accessories for fences ladders of stainless steel due to the fact that there is no need for delivery to St. Petersburg. A flexible system of discounts is another plus in favor of our products. Our railings and handrails are presented in a wide range.
"Kipo Systems" offers a "stainless" fence as the years of working with stainless steel showed that only this material has the necessary properties for the reliable, long-lasting, durable, shiny and modern fencing in the style of Hi-Tech (although railings and handrails for stairs can be not only stainless steel, but also of presenting hands warm materials: wood, mahogany, as well as plastic and other advanced materials). Therefore, our guards will never go out of style and will be a worthy legacy descendants. But that's not all, colors and hardware components is not limited to the classic silver and gold complemented, allowing designers to combine the in-flight of his imagination are incredibly original fence.
Elements for stairs firms Kipo Systems have many unique differences from the hardware for stair railings to other manufacturers. Let us consider in more detail some of these extraordinary solutions in the construction of elements of fences for stairs and see all the undeniable merits of our products. Stair railings made of stainless steel also have their own characteristics:

Flanges (lower support balusters) - molded figure the volume of factory performance, in contrast to the flat "pancake" made by artisanal methods (turning, or laser cutting), a strong, durable and reliable. Reinforcement ribs provide strength when exposed to lateral loads on the rack. All stainless steel flanges are closed decorative cover, which eliminates the ingress of water and moisture on the fastening screws, thereby preventing corrosion and preserving the aesthetic appearance of the whole fence.

Filling holder (holder railing holder runs) of stainless steel is different from other manufacturers in that they are fixed by thermoforming. This method provides a reliable thread in the pipe, which prevents the loosening of the holders. The advantage of the holders of a rail fence in that they consist of two parts, thereby greatly facilitates the assembly of fencing stairs.
Mounts handrail to the front - clamping. A huge plus of these mounts is that they have a decorative cap that covers the top of the stand, even if it is not clean cut made angular grinder. Our mounts there is another feature - easy installation; mount to the rack without the use of glue, by means of rubber seals, figuratively govorya- "I installed and tightened."

Collet flanges used in fences ladders unstable "step size". This is when the pre-calculate the height of each baluster is extremely difficult or even impossible. The peculiarity of these flanges that are welded to the balusters directly on the site (reception moves it up to 3cm). Note: Welding is performed by argon-arc welding machine or a conventional welding machine with the use of stainless steel electrodes.

Welded corners are indispensable for a handrail mounting VIP stairs. Weld and efficiently sanded (polished) gives smooth rotation of the rail, the weld does not see and does not feel his hands and relieve installers from the use of pipe bending machines. Are welded by argon-arc welding.

Drop-turn (adjustable at an angle of ninety degrees) are used where the application of welding is not possible, or the contractor does not have the technology of argon-arc welding. Qualitatively made turn forms a perfect joint with handrail. Adjustable twist is easy to give an opportunity to collect any fence stairs with no right angles (ie, any ladder complex design).

We have a whole line of wooden and plastic handrail diameter 49mm. This set includes connectors, adjustable outlets, plugs. The same range is presented and for architectural handrail.

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